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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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About Us Stanford, Illinois.  Our primary origination area is Allin, Dale, and Mt. Hope Townships in Western McLean County and Hittle Township in eastern Tazewell County. We were orginally located on the now abandoned Illinois Central Railroad.  Currently we are a truck only facility. We take great pride in providing the link between farmers and the food and fuel industry. We are dedicated to providing the essential services that farmers need with a friendly and cooperative attitude. We have knowledgeable employees that provide quality marketing services, fast dumping, especially at harvest, drying and storage to our valuable customers.



The Stanford Grain Company is locally owned farmer cooperative that was founded in 1895.  We are a country elevator located in Stanford, Illinois.


Our facility handles 4 million bushels of Corn & Soybeans annually (and a little wheat occasionally).  


High Speed Rail Investment

Stanford Grain Company is a founding owner of AgRail LLC, , a high-speed rail loader in Bloomington, Illinois.  AgRail has access to the UPRR and the NS railroad  These two railways provide access to livestock and poultry feeders in addition to processor in the West, Southwest, East and Southeast portions of the United States.


Primary destinations

Our geographic location in the state provides us with multiple destinations for our farmer-owners grain and oilseeds.


Corn: Alcohol processing in Pekin and Peoria, Illinois.  Illinois River for export, and AgRail LLC for domestic interstate destinations.


Soybeans: Soybean Processing in Bloomington, Illinois and Illinois River for export.



We provide storage, drying, marketing, and logistic services to Agricultural Producers.



We currently have 4.9 million bushels of capacity for warehousing grains and oilseeds.



We elevate grain at the rate of 42,000 bushels per hour through 5 receiving pits.



We dry 7100 bushels of wet grain per hour



Forward price, minimum price, hedge to arrive, basis, price later,  and average pricing.  Are several of our most used pricing alternatives.  Brad has a Series 3 license and we are a branch office for Midco Commodities, Inc. out of Bloomington. We can handle all of your futures and options trades in house. We are knowledgeable in using futures and options as a risk management tool.


Contact Information

Phone: 309-379-2141

Fax: 309-379-2321


General Manager: Chris Schaffenacker,
Bookkeeper/Office Manager: Jessica Kleinschmidt,

Elevator Superintendant: Brett Dunn,
Elevator Operator: Jason Weaver
Elevator Operator: Daniel LaDew

Board of Directors

President: Jeff Jacobs

Vice-President: Brian Dabney

Secretary, Gracie Weinzierl Pierson
Board Members

Mike Mehl
Sean Brand
Paul Freitag
Mark Doty

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