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Monday, September 23, 2019
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Monday Morning Comments (9/23/19)
Good morning.  First official day of fall.  Grain prices are not falling after a somewhat surprising amount of green on the screen to start the week.  Ag commodity prices finished last week on a sour note after China cancelled visits to Nebraska and Montana that were on for early this week.  Over the weekend, both countries said that the trade talks are going well and the visits were cancelled due to concerns about all the media attention.  Hopefully that is true and that talks will continue to be positive when they continue in October.  There is hope that more Chinese purchase announcements of U.S. ag products are forthcoming.  The U.S. lifted tariffs late last week on over 400 Chinese products.  There continues to be rumors that China is set to offer tariff reductions on some U.S. products as well.  Some heavy rains fell in parts of the northern corn belt again this weekend.  The forecast continues to call for plentiful rains in Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri and parts of Minnesota.  This raises concerns about harvest delays if it continues.  Should hear a few more harvest stories around Illinois this week.  The temps are expected to stay warm through early October.  The trade is also watching dry weather in Brazil.  Some rain has fallen which has helped planters get rolling but other areas remain dry.  Stay tuned if it stays dry into October.  Export inspections will be out this morning.  The crop progress report will be out this afternoon with both corn and bean ratings expected to be 1% lower.  Ratings this time of year take a back set to actual harvest results.  The grain stocks and final wheat production numbers will be out a week from today, Sept. 30th.  Have a great day.

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